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Zen Way to Start Your Day

Stress is ever present. So, its really beneficial to your mind and body to exercise even if its in the morning or the evening. Here are three easy movements that will release built-up tension in your body and clear your mind.

Lateral Lunge and Twist Opener

This move helps to loosen any tension in your neck and back muscles, which is where many people tend to hold a lot of tension during times of stress and anxiety. Remember to breathe in and out slowly. You're going to get that deep stretch.

  • Start by stepping to the side and do a single side lounge. Place the opposite hand toward your lunging foot and release the other hand up to the sky and reach as far as you can and exhale. Repeat this same exercise on the other side, switching arms and legs and continuing to create an opening twist in your torso.

Reverse Chaturanga

Basically a fancy term for a downward dog - cobra - into a plank. I love this move so much because it engages your entire core.

  • Start with a downward dog, you are able to modify the pose to your comfort. Slowly transition into a cobra pose. Breathe in as you change move into the pose. From the cobra move into a plank. Tighten your biceps and triceps, lower your body keeping your hips level with your shoulders, and hold yourself just inches above the mat. Remember fluid motion.

Note: Listen to your body. If it feels uncomfortable you can adjust the movement.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Breathing deeply helps reduce stress and calms your mind. There are many techniques on breathing. Honestly, do what feels right for you. Breathe while in a child pose, better yet do breathing techniques laying down.

Let us know if you've tried any of these in the comments below or like this post!

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