Tips to help you incorporate more walking into your day

Need a little more physical activity in your life? Here are some tips and tricks on how to get started, stay consistent and improve your health!

  1. Take small walks. When you feel overwhelmed or unable to focus, a 10 min walk will help you reset and clear your mind.

  2. Build in a daily walk. Blocking off a certain time during the day just for walking will allow you to get away from what you're currently doing.

  3. Walk. Don't wait. Instead of standing around while you wait to pick up your child or for your car to be washed, walk around. Enjoy the fresh air!

  4. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You'll be more inclined to move if you're dressed comfortably.

  5. Multitask. Do you ever find yourself walking all over your house mindlessly on while on the phone with a friend? Try doing this on your work calls (if possible), or while you brush your teeth.

  6. Park further away and use the stairs. Sometimes it takes longer looking for a closer parking spot or waiting for the elevator.

  7. Make walking interesting. Change up your normal routes periodically. Enjoy a podcast. Find a scenic route.

  8. Have you ever said you enjoy long walks on the beach? Prove it!

How to stay motivated with any goals

  • Replace motivation with discipline. Motivation comes and goes. It takes discipline to keep you on track and reach your goals.

  • Understand your whys. Why are you choosing to walk more? If your why is strong enough, you'll keep the promises to yourself.

Comment below to share with us your tips on getting steps in during the day!

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