The Quarantine 15

Have you ever heard the expression, "The Freshman 15"? It's rumored that the first year of college you're likely to gain at least 15 lbs. I didn't go to college and wasn't ready for this whole "quarantine 15" thing. I am a stubborn person and I really don't want to go back in to the world with the residue of quarantine on me. This will all be in my thighs, I just know it. So, I'm going to continue to channel the stubbornness within me and workout from home. Every day! Ok, not every day but a good amount of the week. Not weekends though. Those are reserved for family time. Also Netflix...and cheat meals. I'm doomed....

Anyway, let's beat the "quarantine 15" together, shall we? Let's get quarantine fit!

I've become quite creative with my workouts while being at home. Anything is an option for weights or movements. In this workout, I've incorporated a bed sheet. Oh yes, bed sheets can be used for more than escaping tall towers for a trapped princess. Using the bed sheet, tie it to a tree, pillar or pole about chest high. You'll need to be able to grab the sheet with both hands. Place your feet flat and lower yourself back while holding the sheet. The farther back you go, the harder the resistance. Pull your body toward the pole, tree or your spouse, whatever works, then lower yourself back to the starting position. We will call this movement, "sheet rows".

Have any water jugs handy? A gallon of water may be used for this one. If that's too heavy, go for 2 canned goods or anything that meets your weight preference. If you're fortunate enough to own dumbbells then you'll want to use those! Starting from the ground, grab a weight in each hand and and bring to your chest, elbows pointing forward. Push the weights toward the sky until your arms are extended and above your head. We will call this movement, "pantry staples". See what I did there? You can use canned goods...from your pantry...never mind.

Full disclosure....I hate running. Like, HATE it... with extreme passion. Ironically it's one of the best ways for me to lose weight and strengthen my legs, specifically my thighs that are already in danger from quarantine. Figures. I decided to compromise with myself and run in spurts like in this workout below.

I know you're super eager to get going, but let's not forget to stretch! Perform the movements below for three rounds.

  1. I like to "lazy" stretch every once in a while, so take a seat for this one. Stretch your legs out in front and together, reach and grab your toes. If you have the flexibility to hold your feet, do so for 30 seconds. If you're like me and have hamstrings that are like the tin man without oil, bounce your body forward and use the momentum to grab your toes every second, about 30 times.

  2. Sticking with hamstring stretching, stand up and try to touch the ground in front of your toes without bending your knees. Or, be like me and slightly bend. Walk your hands forward while keeping your feet in place. This will land you in a push up position, in which you will then lay your chest to the ground. Push yourself back up and walk your hands back to your feet, then stand tall. Repeat this 8 times.

  3. Find a pillar or a pole, preferably in the garage so you don't scuff your paint with what I'm about to have you do. Face the wall and plant your foot flat against it, as much as you can. Grab the pole/pillar and pull your body toward it while your foot is planted against the wall. This helps stretch your achilles tendon. Do this for 30 seconds, then switch feet.

  4. Using a wall, bend your arm and lift your elbow in front of you touching your hand to the shoulder blade. Place your elbow on the wall pointing upward (your arm will now be up next to your ear). Gently push your body toward the wall so that you feel the stretch in your triceps.

"Quarantine 15"

  • 15 sheet rows

  • 15 pantry staples

  • 30 air squats (keep your chest up and get that booty low to the ground people!)

  • Run 200 meters

Repeat 3 times.

Ready, Set, Go!!

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