Get the Most Out of a Simple Walk

Whether you're easing your way to an active lifestyle or joined the Walk-Tober challenge, we have some hacks to make the most of a simple walk into an easy workout. This is made for those who have a busy schedule, starting up their workout plan, or want to get some needed exercise. Keep reading to learn our hacks to get the most out of your walk.

Move your arms.

Actively swing your arms back and forth to tone your arms. This helps increase the aerobic benefit of walking and tones the muscles of the arms and relaxes the shoulders.

Wear wrist weights or carry small dumbbells.

Carrying weights requires plenty of arm strength, core stability, and shoulder mobility.

Play your favorite song.

While the song starts do lunges or jog till the song ends.

Slip on a weighted vest.

Your body will work harder this will help burn more calories and tighten the core.

These are just small ways to amplify your physical activity. We want to make this simple and straightforward to get you encourage to keep walking and create a fitness routine.

Let us know if there's anything you do during your walks!

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