Fall-ing for Fitness

If you have scenery around you like the picture above, I don't know what's stopping you from going outside! Look at the leaves! Look-at-them! I've discovered that being outside truly improves my mood. With cooler weather upon us (depending on where you live), it's easier to take those afternoon walks. Or if you're feeling froggy, morning jogs!

Aside from the physical benefits of running, jogging or even walking, being outside really brings a sense of calm to your mind.

As we approach the end of this crazy, unpredictable and stressful year that is 2020, let's talk about how to "Fall" in to fitness. Right about this time of year we prepare for holiday gatherings, baking, shopping and celebration. Things are different right now. Depending on where you are located you may not have your usual 40+ family gathering for the holidays.

Since we can't change 2020, let's embrace the time we have to improve our health. Let's make a change for ourselves! I've broken this down in to three categories, your mental health, physical health and overall health. I guess that's more like 2 1/2 categories but let's go with it.

Mental Health:

Guys... who isn't stressed out from this year?? If you aren't then please, tell me your secret! All I can do at this point is focus on the positive things. I'm healthy (ish), my family is healthy, we have our jobs, our lives and our friends. When feeling stressed and overwhelmed, my thoughts tend to run away with me. The "what if" scenarios tend to run amuck and I have to check myself (before I wreck myself! Sorry not sorry). I have to make a conscious effort NOT to let my brain run wild with the "what if's". I stop and I look at something that brings me joy like my new home or my children. I breathe it in, I tell myself to live in the moment and enjoy today. Whether or not this works for you isn't the point. The point is, we all have our triggers. Which means we all have reset buttons. You simply need to find what works for you!

Physical Health:

I can't sit here and honestly tell you that I love working out. It's not my favorite thing in the world. As a matter of fact it's more like a chore, especially since I typically go to the gym at 5am. Sleeping in does win occasionally, particularly when it's cold outside! I am no saint people, I get lazy for sure. So, why do I leave my warm bed to put myself through physical excursion at an unmentionable hour? I do it because being in better physical shape makes me feel better overall. When I work out I feel healthier. I make healthier decisions throughout the day. I feel more accomplished. On the days I workout I tend to sleep much better at night. It's important to give your body time to rest and reset at night. Sleep is so important for your body, especially when you are working out regularly. I aim for a minimum 7 hours each night. Anything less makes me feel like a zombie throughout the day.

Overall Health:

So we talked about mental and physical health. Let's talk about overall health. This is a combo category since your physical and mental health are important keys to your overall health. Of course I can't go without mentioning nutrition. Food is fuel! Remember to feed your body with clean fuel like greens and lean meats. Carbs are not bad but the type of carbs you choose can be. Veggies are a great source of carbs, fun fact.

Take time for yourself folks. Step outside. Call your friend or family member to feel connection. Recognize that we all have had a rollercoaster of a year and give yourself some grace. With the holidays around the corner it's important to accept that it may be different this year. You may not have your mother's stuffing at the table or the secret family pumpkin pie recipe to use, but you have a chance to improve your health. Focus on yourself throughout the day and how to make a positive change or changes for yourself.

Now let's go crush some leaves under our feet! Yes, jumping in piles count as physical activity.

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