Calm, Cool, and Collected

Stress can really ruin your whole day. There are so many ways to cope with stress and shift yourself out that mindset. The important thing is to make the effort to calm your mind, this is where we need to practice self-care and doing things we enjoy. Here's our stress reliving tips below:

Have something to look forward to.

Plan something for yourself just to out the house or the office. It could be anything you enjoy. Plan a dinner with friends or family, or do something for yourself. No matter what it is put it on your calendar. The excitement of having something plan will increase happiness and not focusing what's stressing you out.

Get your body moving.

Moving your body helps your body release muscle tension, helps blood flow, and your ability to relax. Take 5-15 minutes to move go on a short walk or do some stretches.

No screen time for 10-15 minutes.

Yes, put the phone away. Use this time just to focus on yourself, giving yourself a moment of silence to clear your mind and help distress.

Plan your day.

Organize your tasks for the day and focus on things you can control. Prioritize your day from the time you wake up till bedtime like make the bed, wash your car, make dinner, pack your lunch or try a new restaurant.

Talk to a friend.

Take the time to call a friend or meet up with them. You can express to them what's making you stress. Having your friends talk to you in a reassuring voice puts everything in perspective.

Get some sleep.

Stress can cause you to lose sleep, but its important to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

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