Benefits of Moving During Your Break

Do you have 10 mins? If possible, lets go on an outdoor walk today during our break! There are days when feel lazy and prefer to go on my phone for 10 mins rather than getting up and going outside. However, I try to remind myself how good it feels to move my body, stretch and reset my mind. I feel much more focused when I show up for work. I've never regret going on a walk outside. Here are a few benefits of moving your body during your breaks.

+ You'll be in a better mood

+ Increased energy

+ Better sleep

+ Improved posture

+ Reduced back and neck pain

If you're not able to go outdoors, try this quick 10 mins HIIT workout circuit. All you'll need is a pair of weights or you can use anything around your home. For example, two water bottles. Put on your favorite pump up song and lets go! Click here to follow the work out.

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