Practicing Mindful Eating

Food plays a key role in how we feel. Mindful eating is paying attention to the foods we eat and having control. Living in a fast paced environment, we are used to eating quickly or being distracted with our phones or TV while we're eating. Soon enough, eating can become a mindless act and we may not realize we’re full until we’re too full.

Mindful eating will help us make better choices, stop when we are full, learn to cope with guilt and anxiety about food, noticing the effects food has on your feelings and figure and allow us the time to appreciate our foods.

Here are some tips on how to practice mindful eating.

  1. Eat slower by allowing yourself to chew and finish your food before eating more.

  2. Start with smaller portions. Once you’re done, you can make the decision to eat more if you’re still hungry.

  3. Eat without distractions.

  4. Stop when you’re full. You can save it for later or ask yourself, “If I continue eating, would it make me feel good?”

  5. Ask yourself why you’re eating. Is it because you’re bored or needing fuel? Is it stress or emotional eating?

  6. Enjoy and appreciate your meal

I challenge you to eat without any distractions this week and check in to see how it makes you feel!

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