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Highway to a Better Mind

Some days you find yourself in a bad mood or feeling melancholic and you can't seem to shake it off. Maybe it's a rough relationship, unexpected event, work situation, or simply stuck in a funk. We are bound to experience ups and downs, the highs and lows. When it comes the low parts of life we all handle it different ways. You shouldn't ignore your mental health and wellbeing. Here's are a few tips to help guide you into a healthy mindset.

Acknowledge your feelings.

It can be tough, but always remember it will pass and these negative feelings or bad situation won't last forever. Constantly remind yourself that things do get better.

Lean on your support system.

Talking to people is amazing it could be a best friend or family. Express how you feel to them and they'll give an extra support. You can always tell them if they could listen and not give their input, if you just need to vent.

Seek therapy.

Its okay to talk to a therapist. You get to truly express how you feel and the therapist will help understand why you are going through this and put things into light.

Keep yourself busy.

Do things to distract you from the stress and anxiety that's going through your mind. Try a new hobby, do a short workout, make a nice dinner, and do things that make you feel amazing.

A daily dose of fresh air.

Take a walk outside or sit down enjoy being outside for a bit. Helps clear the mind and keeps you active, always take a few deep breaths to ease yourself.

Don't put yourself down.

Do your best to avoid shaming yourself, instead thank yourself. Thank you for being you, you are loved, you'll be okay. Don't give up on yourself.


When everything feels too much all at once, step away and use your mind to take you elsewhere. Imagine yourself living and planning a perfect day. Take in every detail, smell, and feeling. Manifest your perfect day and create a positive vibe.

Repeat positive affirmations.

Find affirmations you like and that applies to you. Repeat it often to yourself as a way of staying grounded, 'I know my feelings are valid and my voice can still be heard,' 'I am confident.'


National Alliance on Mental Illness

Anxiety and Depression Resources

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