Giving back to others while giving back to yourself

Let's talk about blood. It runs through our bodies, it's a key ingredient to our very existence and we see it many times throughout our lives. Shouldn't we pay more attention to it? I get it, blood is never a solid conversation starter. "Hey did you see that movie on Netflix that came out this weekend?", "Yes, it had a lot of action, which reminds me...let me talk to you about your blood". (You're welcome for the good example of how to incorporate these next facts in to a conversation). Seeing or talking about blood tend to make us automatically associate it with injuries. I'm here to share some knowledge about how to give back to those in need of blood, while also giving back to yourself.

Did you know about 5% of the given population donates blood regularly?

Among studies comparing regular blood donors versus non donors, the people that donate blood always outlive the ones who don't. Why? Bleeding is the only way to rid your body of unbound iron. Excess, unbound iron stored in our tissue is the root cause of oxidation. Oxidation in turn leads to inflammation. Did I lose you there? Let me put it simply. Donating blood is like giving your body an oil change. It allows your body to rebuild and regenerate. As a result this regeneration is amazingly important for your metabolism.

I'm not a fan of giving blood, I'll admit that. I bruise like a peach and by the next day I look like I can't avoid running in to things. As I typed that last sentence I realized how selfish it made me feel. I can save lives and live longer if I give blood but it results in an ugly bruise!?Self reflection people. You're a witness to this. Thank you for your support.

Enough about me, let's talk about how you can donate blood! (Was that another example of a conversation starter? I AM ON FIRE!)

Okay, okay...on a more serious note, with a global pandemic among us all there is urgent need for blood and platelets. The Red Cross is in coordination with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are seeking people who are fully recovered from the Coronavirus to sign up to donate plasma to help COVID-19 patients. Patients who have fully recovered from COVID-19 may have antibodies in their plasma that can help those with serious or immediately life-threatening COVID-19 infections. Please note that plasma testing is only available in certain locations.


The internet is a wonderful thing. I had no idea there was a blood bank within the same complex as my office until I looked it up on this fun little link below.

If you've never donated blood before, want to know how to prepare as well as other blood donation facts and FAQs go to

Let's give back to others while giving back to ourselves. We have this life to live, let's take care of the vessel folks.

Stay healthy!

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