Does it really take 21 days to form a habit?

I can't believe it's November already! With the holidays quickly approaching and stress levels rising, I thought it would be a good idea to tackle our 2021 resolutions a little early.

After doing some research, it's definitely possible to form a simple habit such as drinking more water or going on a 10 min walk every morning. Harder habits will take a longer time to create.

Starting Thursday, 11/5/2020, we will have 21 days until Thanksgiving. Since we did incredibly well with WALK-TOBER and had great feedback, why not set a small, realistic goal for November?

If you are having a hard time coming up with a new habit to add to your routine, take a look at what the PRMG LIFE team will be taking on within the next 21 days!

  • I am dedicating 30 mins of my morning to journaling my thoughts and intentions for the day. This is what I'll write about:

+ 3 things I'm grateful for

+ Focus of the day. What is my intention?

+ 3 ways I want to feel (ex. focused, calm, nourished)

+ 3 people I'm sending thoughts and happiness to

+ To Do list

  • Michelle's goal is to make every meal for a minimum of six days a week. She will:

+ Plan and shop for everything she'll need ahead of time

+ Meal prep what she can, leaving no room for excuses!

  • Tamara will be focusing on being more mindful. In a fast pace world, it's important to stay grounded and be present. Below are some free resources to practice mindfulness and mediation.

+ Fitbit mindfulness tool

+ Headspace is free for LA County

+ Calm app is free for Kaiser patients

+ other free resources on YouTube!

  • Geno's goal is stay away from those late-night munchies. To accomplish this, he will:

+ Start by replacing the naughty snacks with healthier alternatives

+ Grocery shop on a full stomach

  • Brianna wants to use her downtime more creatively. Her plan is to replace snacking and TV time with:

+ Finding alternative types of entertainment

+ Read a thrilling book

+ Meditate

+ Explore new healthy delicious recipes and executing them

Think we can do it? What are some of your habits you want to create or break for November?

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