Caffeine Can Be Friendly

Caffeine is a friend of mine. My friend has a bad rap, which is upsetting because I can not live without my coffee! Of course caffeine in excess isn't great for you, as is the case for most items. I have one cup a day every morning and that's it. I don't drink soda or energy drinks, though that hasn't always been the case. The key here is moderation!

Aside from caffeine, the sugary coffee can really alter your health. I am guilty of having sugary coffee in the past. For me it was, "would you like some coffee with that creamer?" I had to get away from it but couldn't part with my beloved coffee. Luckily, I've found some AMAZING alternatives to that sugary, processed creamer that I used to depend on. Luckily, for those of you that are looking to switch up your coffee to healthier versions, I'm sharing these alternatives with you!

  1. Black Coffee. I know... I get it. This is hard to jump to right off the bat. I went cold turkey with this one and basically choked it down. Then I realized the coffee itself wasn't that great. I couldn't tell with the loads of sugar I added to it previously. Once I bought some decent coffee it was much more enjoyable to consume without any additives. I recommend whole bean coffee if you have a coffee maker that will grind them right before brewing. It makes a difference!

  2. Heavy Whipping Cream. Stay with me here, it's not as bad for you as you would expect. Remember, MODERATION. I learned to put a splash...keyword, splash... of heavy whipping cream in my iced coffee and it was a game changer. Do not put this in hot coffee or it will curdle. I learned this the hard way... Though heavy whipping cream is high in fat, it contains important fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin A, D, E and K. Adding to your iced coffee makes it a bit sweeter and creamier than straight black iced coffee.

  3. Bulletproof Coffee. I save this one for the days I truly need a boost of energy and cannot function. I also replace this coffee for breakfast, as it contains healthy fats that will fill you up and act as a meal replacement. Additionally, it triggers weight loss by way of ketosis, which is a metabolic state triggered by a lack of carbs that kicks fat-burning into overdrive. It minimizes cravings throughout the day and it boosts cognitive function, mainlining a shining dose of mental clarity into your foggy morning brain. To make this delightful brain boosting, fat burning coffee, use one tablespoon of unsalted, grass-fed butter, along with one tablespoon coconut oil, using 10-12 ounces of coffee. I recommend using a blender to get the appropriate froth. Warning... if your coffee is too hot while placing in the blender, get ready to wipe down your kitchen. I also learned this one the hard way...Fun fact, a lot of coffee shops offer this as well! If you're feeling froggy, add a splash of maple syrup to sweeten it up!

  4. Acceptable Creamers. I say acceptable since these creamers give back to your body. They aren't full of the processed junk we want to stay away from. The first of my top two acceptable creamers is Laird Superfood Creamer which comes in a powder OR liquid. I use the powder mostly but the liquid is just as yummy. This is made with all natural ingredients, plant based, no artificial colors, flavors or additives and contains naturally occurring MCT oils. My second favorite is called Picnik. They have so many varieties but my absolute favorite is the vegan creamer made with MCT oil and Coconut Milk.

If you haven't noticed, I reference the use of MCT oil throughout this post. To learn more about the benefits of incorporating MCT oil in to your diet, click HERE. Do you have a favorite coffee drink you're looking to convert over to the healthy side? Leave me a comment below and I will hook you up with some alternatives!

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