13 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Do you think you drink enough water??? Do you know why you should drink more water???

It's easy, it's free, it's conveniently flowing from any faucet around you! It's the one and only, INCREDIBLE LIQUID KNOWN AS WATER!!!

Here is 13 reasons to DRINK MORE WATER!!!

1. Flushes out toxins.

-Clearer skin and boosted immune system!

2. Helps maintain elasticity in your skin


3. Promotes healthy kidney function.

4. Aids in healthy digestion

-Keeps your digestive system regular, less bloating = flatter tummy's!

5. Helps keep you feeling full

-Less likely to unnecessarily snack!

6. Has ZERO calories

-Helps cut down your daily caloric intake resulting in weight loss!

7. Hydration

-Helps cut down your daily caloric intake resulting in weight loss and fatigue!


-Helpful tip: chugging water when you have a headache can help it go away quicker!

9. Boost energy!!

10. Lower blood pressure!!!

-Lack of water in the body causes blood to thicken, which increases blood pressure!

11. Improve cartilage in your joints

-Reduced joint pain

12. Dental health

-Cleanses teeth of sugars and food

13. People who drink water regularly are typically happier!

-Because their bodies are functioning at their best!

Today I challenge you to STOP DROP AND CHUG!!! Try to get that water intake up and see how you feel. Try it for a day and then commit to a week! Before you know it you will have developed a taste for water and it will become easy to maintain your levels of water intake!

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