The "Core", the "Core, the "Core"!

Alright, if you've read my previous blog posts then you know I have a small addiction to Netflix. This addiction has since blossomed in to an overall streaming addiction. That's right, I'm all inclusive in my choices of streaming. I've now included Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Hulu. Needless to say, I've increased my reasons to get up off the couch and incorporate some physical activity in my life.

During one of the many shows that I've devoted way too much time to, there was a line that a military character said which was, "the Core, the Core, the Core". 5 stars to those who can guess which show I was watching! Any way, it made me think about the core of our bodies. Specifically how important it is to not sit on the couch and binge watch T.V.

I've been working on my core for years (please don't make me show you progress, I do not have a six pack. Or a four pack...or any kind of pack). This lack of six pack isn't from neglecting my core work, but from giving to much attention to other six packs...of adult beverages. Abs are made in the kitchen folks. Fact.

I've been doing this to support my back, my legs and the overall structure of my body. Did you know that lifting weights like squats take as much effort from your core as it does your legs? I sure didn't...then I stopped working out for a few months... and almost fell on my face while attempting a back squat upon my return to the gym. Low point...

Since this sad day of realization, I've tried to incorporate more "core" work in to my weekly workout regime. I am here to share my "core" knowledge with you in hopes that it will actually give you a six pack! See what I did there?

Let's get going!

Real talk, I've actually pulled a muscle in my stomach from not stretching before working out. Try sneezing with a pulled ab muscle......don't try it. It's terrible. Let's avoid this tragedy and warm up first!

Warm up (complete two rounds):

  • 10 Hollow Rocks- Lay flat on your back with your arms above your head, legs stretched flat out. Raise your arms so that your shoulders are off the ground while also lifting your legs. This should put you in a hollow arch position. Gently rock back and forth making sure your heels and shoulders never touch the ground.

  • 20 Hip Twists- Stand with your arms extended at your sides. Twist at your hips from left to right letting your arms move from front to back, back to front, repeat. Keep your legs stationary at all times.

  • 30 Hip Thrusts- Lay on the ground with your arms to your side, with your feet flat on the ground. Your knees should be bent. Raise your hips so that only your shoulders, arms and the flat of your feet remain on the ground. Lower yourself back to down but keep your lower back off the ground. Repeat this movement 30 times.

Ready to grate some cheese on those abs!?!?

Personal Cheese Grater (complete 4 rounds)

  • 30 V-ups- These are similar to hollow rocks as you will start at the same position. Lay flat on your back with your arms above your head, legs stretched flat out. Lift your arms and legs at the same time, bringing them toward one another. This should put you in a "V" position. Lay back to the starting position and repeat movement.

  • 60 Bicycles- Come on, you know how to ride a bike right? Ok, now lay on your back and pretend you're riding a bike with no handle bars!

  • 30 Weighted Sit-Ups- Grab a plate, a dumbbell, your child, whatever you want really. Hug it to your chest and perform a sit up. Note- you can use the bottom of a cabinet or dumbbells to hook your feet under to keep you stable during this movement.

  • 60 Flutter Kicks- Lay flat on the ground with your arms to your sides. Lift both legs and begin to kick in opposite directions each leg. Up-left, down-right and switch back and forth.

  • 30 Toe Touches- Lay on the ground and lift both of your legs and reach for your toes with both hands. Touch your toes then give a little slack before touching your toes again. These are meant to be quick touches, you will not lay back down each time you touch your toes.

  • 60 Mountain Climbers- Roll over and get in to a push up position. Bring your right foot up to your right hand then back to the start. Now bring your left foot to your left hand and back to the start. This is meant to be quick to get your abs to really kick in and help your legs get to where they need to be.

  • 1/4 Mile Run- Time to get up off that floor! Yeah...I snuck in a run. I'm sorry. No I'm not. I'm going to be so jealous of your abs.

Hooray for your core! I'm so excited for you!!!

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