Step Challenge October 2020

WALK-TOBER was a step challenge during the month of October that gives you the opportunity to increase your physical activity and a chance to win prizes! 

Our mission with PRMG LIFE is to provide the PRMG family with ways to achieve living a healthier lifestyle. We recognize that your overall health and wellness is crucial for navigating the waters of life, especially during these crazy times. Recently, we issued a survey requesting your feedback on PRMG LIFE as well as your “wants”. 77% of you chose walking as their favorite kind of exercise. Additionally, 92% do better with accountability partners.

With that mission in mind, we’ve created a fantastic way to kick off the fall season with the end result benefiting your overall health. With the seasons changing and cooler weather upon us, it’s the perfect time to step outside and get your body moving.

 Congratulations to those below who not only completed the challenge but was also consistent and made each week better than the last!

  • Scott Carlstrom walked the most steps!

  • Gulnara Muminova improved the most from week one to week four!

  • The following remained consistent and reached a minimum of 70k steps per week!

    • Wm. Dale Beach

    • Bill Johnson

    • Kindra Garringer

    • Bethany Hill

    • Patrick Davidson

Everyone is a winner in our eyes! We’re so proud of all of you who participated and kept on going even on those chillier days. Here are a few responses we'd like to share with you all!

Week 1 – Great job on your first week! How did you feel?

"ENERGIZED!!" - Annette Thomas

“Like a champion!” -  Bill Johnson

“Feeling like I walked more than normal!”  - Caitlin VanZwieten

"Like a BOSS!" - Ray Grewe

“I had more energy and my sleeping schedule is starting to get back on track.” - Leauna Brown

"Motivated :)" - Gulnara Muminova

“Good and it’s a great way to relieve stress. Keep the body moving! Great way of mind clarity!”

- Evelyn Ubiera

Week 2 – I see you getting those steps in! Any feedback for us?

“Love this, I make sure to get in as many steps as I can on a daily.” - Luis Abad

“Feeling more energetic.” - Leauna Brown

“Feels great to move!” - Angelea Charney

“Thanks for doing this.  Great motivation.” - Scott Carlstrom

“I enjoy walking; waiting for a 5K to be scheduled” - Joanne Balara


Week 3 – Almost there! We really appreciate you 💛 What’s something you’d like to see from PRMGLIFE in the near future?

“Getting to know you - maybe family snapshots of our staff” - Christopher Pettit

“Mental health initiatives” - Tamara Douglas

“Keep us accountable for moving” - Rochelle Frisina

“Join a charity run as a group.” - Jesse Zarandin

“Just keep encouraging us to get moving, whatever the method :)” - Tiffany McGriff

“Healthy eating or weight goals” - Rich Vosler

“Continued success and participation by the employees. I love PRMG.” - James Edwards

“How to do a 15 minute workout at my desk” - Laure Richards

“Healthy holiday recipes” - Jessica Lott

Week 4 – You made it to the last week!!! What was your motivation to complete the challenge?

“Healthy Living and energy” - Rochelle Lee

“Accountability Buddy” - Karen Grissom

“Just to be able to fill out the form and say I did it!” - Kindra Garringer

“Flattening the curve of my stomach!” - Kevin Brown

“Working with my team!” - Michelle Ramos

“To be accountable to my daughter who did this with me, thank you!!” - Gary Ornelas

“Highly Goal oriented” - Rochelle Frisina

“Having a walking buddy and the positive feeling after each walk.” - Angelea Charney

“Stay heart healthy!” - Lynette Heck

Most of you wished for more challenges! We're keeping this in mind for the new year 😊