HR Generalist

Hi! My name is Annie and I’m a HR Generalist. My fitness journey started in college when I realized a significant amount of my tuition was going to our three-story school gym... I had to take advantage of it. Starting off, I was very intimidated by all the equipment and the “regulars” who knew exactly what they were doing. I felt super uncomfortable and had no idea where to start. I took it day by day and allowed myself to feel uncomfortable in order to grow. I realized that everyone starts somewhere and starting now is better than never starting at all! Since then, I’ve always loved the way I feel when working out and fueling my body with nutritious foods. I try my best to be mindful and make good choices. It’s definitely a work in progress!
Favorite snack: Plain yogurt with a bunch of toppings. (Hemp seeds, granola, strawberries, almond butter, and agave are my go to!)



Director of Human Resources

Growing up I was always into sports.  Once I started office work my body took a turn for the worse.  Gaining 50 pounds in a few short years was a real eye opener to how important regular exercise and proper diet is.  Starting in 2019 I decided to make some life changes.  The first commitment was simply going to the gym after work three to four times a week.  I noticed that I fell into a routine that although it was a positive step it did become boring over the first few months.  I decided to change things up versus giving up.  Introducing Sunday Yoga into my routine did wonders to not only my body but also my mindset.  I started treating this as my reset for the week and clearing my head for the coming week.  I ended 2019 with over 150 gym visits and over 200 workouts for the year which was a great start.  I had also dropped 20 pounds during that time.  Moving into 2020 I knew that this life style change had to stay if I wanted to continue my progress in weight loss and overall health. When COVID hit, practically overnight the gyms closed and our Corporate Campus went 90% remote/offsite workforce which led to a unique opportunity to install an office gym.  I pitched the idea of a gym in our Corporate Campus to our Founder, Paul Rozo, and I kid you not within 48 hours we had a complete gym in place! Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been working out four days a week, sometimes five. 



HR Clerk

Hi! My wellness journey started about 4 years ago when I was going through the downs of life. I wanted to find something improve my mental state. I joined a yoga class, attended therapy, went on hikes, and meditated.  I’m passionate about mental and physical wellness, inspiring others, and living a happy life. I’m not really into fitness, but it’s one of the ways I practice all my passions. When I began exercising, my focus was looking a certain way until I realize that wasn’t important. I notice my self-esteem and happiness was improving by working out. Staying active allows me to be my best self, which is one the main reason why I work out. A big part of living a healthy life is finding balance. I had my shares of not going to the gym, but I make up for it with walks around the neighborhood or 5 minute workouts. Do something for yourself and don’t feel guilty about anything that improves your wellbeing.

Favorite snack:  watermelon!



Onboarding and Integration Supervisor

Hi There! My name is Michelle and I am the Onboarding and Integration Supervisor here at PRMG. I’ve always been athletic and dabbled in different forms of diet and exercise. After having two beautiful daughters, I realized it wasn’t as easy to lose the baby weight as anticipated. A friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit which became much more to me than a place to work out. I’ve been an avid Crossfitter for 7 years now and can’t imagine my life without it. Over the years I’ve learned about health for body and mind, nutrition, stress management and mobility. Learning that “food is fuel” has changed my outlook on my daily food consumption. Our bodies are our vessels that take us through life. It’s important to give it “clean” fuel so that we live long and happy ones!
Favorite Snack: Beef jerky and dried mango

Tam Photo.jpg


Creative Designer

Hello! My name is Tamara and I am the Creative Designer for PRMG’s National Marketing Department. As a designer, I spend A LOT of my time at my computer, but I think it’s important to always make time for physical and mental wellness! Fortunately, my active lifestyle started when I was just three years old, when my parents strapped me to an ATC (3-Wheeler). I have been hooked on riding off-road vehicles ever since! Off-roading has allowed for me to have fun and stay active into my adult life. I also played Soccer and trained in Kenpo Karate for many years, all of which taught me about physical endurance and control. Most importantly, these hobbies made me feel good, both physically and mentally. I also get my motivation to get moving from a fluffy ball of energy, my Golden Retriever named Charlie.
Favorite snack: walnuts and dried cranberries